The nose gear doors had some minor wear on the outside, where they would vibrate against the lower cowl. I used Hysol 9309.3A aluminum structural expoy to fill the wear area. The Hysol product has superior adhesion to aluminum and is a very tough product. Notice that I painted the interior (middle) of the  nose strut carrier with the corrosion inhibiting primer, in between the bearing surfaces. This will go a long way to preventing rust after assy. I also coated the surface with bearing grease during assy.

Here is the final coat of matterhorn white. The parts have tape on all  the important bearing areas. I made sure to paint each and every part  properly. Here in South Florida, corrosion can be a problem.

Here is the nose gear assy going into position. I had the greaseable drilled bolts and other steel parts re-cad plated, as they are unusual and expensive to simply replace. Some of them are not currently available from Cessna. All of the re-plated parts were in good shape. Otherwise, all the hardware is new. It was quite difficult to find sources for the bolts. Some are standard AN bolts, some are close tolerance AN (in sizes no one seems to carry) and some are NAS 464 (obsolete) and difficult or impossible to directly cross-reference. Two of the screws are no longer available in any form (the ones on the lower engine mount to firewall bracket, just below the AFT retract scissor). I ended up using bolts, and indexing them so they don't hit during gear extension. There is a minimum of clearance in this area. Some aircraft may not be able to use bolts here. By the way, standard (125 KSI), AN bolts are a good replacement for the (125 KSI) screws that were in this location before. If you choose to do this job, remember that a large number of the bolts are 180KSI high strength bolts.  Make sure you understand where they go! The nose gear looks brand new, just the way I like it. While this was a lot of work, it was time to overhaul the nose gear. Some of the original parts had just started to corrode and if left alone, would have been unserviceable in a year or two.

Nose Gear Assembly
Me and my window

Here I am installing new windows in my doors. I painted the inside of the door a very dark metallic gray. The pictures don't show it, but it really looks nice. Most of it will be covered by the interior plastic. But, the parts that show will have a well finished look to them. Quite unlike the 92 coats of spray can white (of various shades) that was there before. The windows needed no trimming, and fit perfectly. I made sure to seal them well and position them properly I then used a cleco in every hole and ensured everything fit properly. I started the rivets from the front and used 2 cleco clamps, one on each side of the rivet I was squeezing. That way the sealant did not buckle the aluminum It came out nice and flat.


The instrument panel going together. I have dual KX-155 radios, one with glide slope. It also has a Century 1 wing leveler, a GEM CHT/EGT engine monitor and a really nice fuel totalizer. I also have a secondary set of gear indicators and a gear pump “on” light. The section under the radios gets a blanking plate that will be recesses about 2 inches. This leaves room to velcro a Garmin 396 in that location.


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